Taiwania cryptomerioides

Taiwania Trees

Taiwania trees (Taiwania cryptomerioides) are large evergreens, native to East Asia. Relatively poorly known among North American tree enthusiasts, these immense trees can make interesting specimen trees in yards and commercial areas, provided that you can find specimens for sale.


Without Sufficient Water, California Trees Face Additional Challenges

In fact, recent estimates by U.S. Forest Service suggest that the drought has killed off at least 12 million trees from National Forest lands. Before the end of the summer, millions more are expected to perish. And although they are not true trees, Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) – perhaps the most iconic denizens of the desert and well suited for amazingly arid conditions – are even starting to die, courtesy of the drought.


Fire Suppression Strategies Exacerbate the Drought

Trees confer a variety of benefits on cities and suburban areas; they reduce local temperatures, provide shade and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Given a few basic caveats, such as selecting the right tree species for the available space and planting the trees properly, most tree professionals heartily encourage the planting of more trees near our homes, schools, playgrounds and shopping malls.


Helping Your Trees Survive the Drought

99.8 percent of California is suffering from some state of drought, and it is taking a toll on our trees. Indeed, without concerted efforts, our state stands to lose much of its natural and urban forests. Unfortunately, the best thing for our trees – copious amounts of water – is not available.