The Subtleties of California Wildfire

Wildfire is a natural, but destructive, component of many natural ecosystems. In California, wildfires are a complicated issue: On one hand, periodic wildfires are unavoidable and necessary for the perpetuation of some ecosystems. On the other hand, wildfires cause unthinkable damage and threaten lives. The complexity of the issue balloons even further once competing human…


Trees, Jobs and the Economy

It is abundantly clear that trees help people to feel good, heal fast, keep cool and stay safe; but can they help the bottom line? According to the available evidence, trees are unquestionably good for reducing costs and increasing profits. In fact, because of the perpetually warm temperatures of Southern California, Los Angeles area merchants…


Shade Trees on the Playground

Over the last decade or so, educators, parents and doctors have begun strenuously emphasizing the need for children to get outside and play. Often, the driving force is obesity prevention, but children also benefit psychologically from spending time outdoors. The Problem with Good Intentions There is a small problem with this goal. Increased time spent…

aphids on a green leaf. macro

Aphids that Infested Her Birch Trees

Evergreen Arborist Consultants recently received a call from a homeowner regarding aphids that infested her birch trees.  She was very concerned about treating the aphids without harming her pets.  The aphids were damaging the birch tree leaves and staining her concrete from the honeydew.  Honeydew is a sticky black liquid, secreted by aphids as they feed on plant…