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Orange County is bordered on the southwest by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Los Angeles County, on the northeast by San Bernardino County and Riverside County, and on the southeast by San Diego County. Other citrus crops, avocados, and oil extraction were also important to the early economy. Evergreen Arborist Consultants, Inc. gives you professional and objective exposition of tree-related conditions. Our professional arborists and tree consultants commit time and proficiency to the safety and preservation of tree and plant life resources, presenting latest methods based on complete research and experiences with focus on their impact to our environment. Our tree services help in enhancing the community as well as to support and protect the environment. Our team believes that in protecting our environment, with the help of preserving trees and other plant life, we can retain the beauty of or surroundings as well as enhance the quality of life for the next generations to come.

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The experts at Evergreen Arborist Consultants hold certification from the ISA, one of the highest levels to which an arborist can aim and as part of it, we maintain an unbending ethical and professional code and provide a professional for any arboriculture job requiring expert testimony or appraisal. Our specialties include expert witness, technical consulting, and forensic investigation for tree appraisals, tree risk & hazard assessments, urban and wildfire fire damage, tree protection reports for construction projects, tree root investigations, and analysis for personal injury and property damage tree cases. Trees restore natural harmony in an urban environment, giving scale to human life. Trees are alive, like us, and require an investment and continuous maintenance in order to provide the maximum desired benefits. For a healthy and long life, trees need the proper maintenance. Therefore, in order to provide proper tree care, you should refer to a certified arborist.

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