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The Four Best Trees to Plant in or near Your Rain Garden

Rain gardens are attractive landscaping features that can not only improve the aesthetics of most properties, but they provide important environmental benefits too. When properly designed, rain gardens capture and contain a relatively large quantity of rainwater, which will then percolate into the soil over the next few days. This helps to prevent some of […]

Three Important Diseases of California Palms

Palms are certainly iconic components of the California landscape, and they make great additions to most residential and commercial properties in our region. Several palm species are suitable for the local climate, and most require relatively little maintenance or pruning. However, the palms in our area are threatened by a number of different diseases, which […]

Four Ornamental Trees That Won’t Create Litter Problems

Thanks to the myriad resources available to modern homeowners and property managers, many people conduct a lot of research on the trees they intend to install. They look up things like the tree’s water requirements, sun-exposure preferences and susceptibility to common pathogens and illnesses. This is obviously a good idea, and it’ll help you avoid […]

Root Pruning: Considerations and Concerns

Roots are obviously important to trees. They help anchor trees and keep them upright, as well as draw water from the ground. They even help to moderate the temperatures of trees a bit, and they serve as sugar storage sights during times of plenty. Tree roots even benefit the surrounding ecosystem, as they help to […]

Getting to Know Palm Trees: Five Fascinating Facts

Palm trees are among the most iconic residents of Southern California. They line the local streets, contribute to the cultural identity of the region, and provide a number of the environmental benefits that most other trees do. Most of those growing in our midst were deliberately planted, but you’ll occasionally stumble upon a wild example, […]

Five Great Trees for Helping Your Local Honeybees

Hymenopterans – a group of insects that includes wasps, ants and bees – are incredibly important components of most terrestrial ecosystems. They not only serve as important food sources for predators and hosts for parasites, many of them play important roles in the process of pollination. And while all pollinators are important for the plants […]

Five Bad Trees for Allergy Sufferers

Many of the most popular trees — including magnolias, crepe myrtles and jacarandas, among others — have very attractive flowers. But while these flowers may smell nice, attract wildlife and beautify your property, other flowers can cause problems – particularly among allergy sufferers. Many tree flowers produce allergenic pollens, which can leave sensitive individuals sniffling […]

Should Climbing Vines Be Removed from Trees?

Although trees are individual organisms, they often harbor entire ecosystems under their canopies. Dozens of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians commonly inhabit trees, and several plant species even grow on living trees. Climbing vines are some of the most common plants to colonize trees, and they can often be seen growing from the soil […]

How Long Do Trees Live?

About 270 miles north of Los Angeles, a remarkable tree juts out of a rocky landscape. The tree isn’t terribly attractive, nor large, nor some member of a critically endangered species. This tree is remarkable because it is about 5,000 years old – give or take a few decades. The tree in question is a […]

Are Treehouses Safe for Trees?

Building your child a treehouse not only provides them with a fun place to play, it can foster an appreciation for trees and the natural world. But some homeowners worry that a treehouse will harm their trees. And while some treehouses do damage their host trees, it is possible to design, construct and install one […]