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What Is an Arborist?

In common parlance, the term arborist is often used to describe any tree-care professional. However, the term should usually be reserved for those tree-care professionals who’ve attained a certificate from one of the major tree-care associations, such as the International Society of Arboriculture. Tree-Care Workers Vs. Arborists There is a significant difference between someone who […]

The Year-Round Benefits of Conifers

Residents of Malibu, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills and the rest of the greater Los Angeles area are fortunate to have so many tree options available to them. A number of fantastic trees are native to our portion of the state, and a dizzying number of exotic species adapt well to our local climate. But many […]

The Doomed Fig Trees of Long Beach

Long Beach has quite the urban canopy, for which the local residents should be proud. However, a new and particularly troubling group of organisms have begun popping up throughout southern California, and they are poised to decimate the beloved and beautiful Indian laurel figs (Ficusmicrocarpa) that comprise much of the city’s urban forest. Meet Botryosphaeria […]

The Iconic Jacaranda Trees of Long Beach

The jacarandas of Long Beach are among the most iconic trees in southern California. In addition to growing well in the climate of the area, they are some of southern California’s most eye-popping trees – at least for a month or so. But even for all of the beauty and benefits they provide, some residents […]

The Four Biggest Threats to Trees Living in Southern California

In many ways, southern California is an ecological paradise. A wide variety of tree species thrives in the region’s warm climate, including everything from palm trees to redwoods to fig trees. Many homeowners and commercial property managers are keen to take advantage of this fact by planting a nice selection of trees. However, while southern […]

Six Great Wildlife Trees for Southern California Properties

Thanks to urban sprawl, habitat destruction, climate change and a host of other factors, many wildlife populations are experiencing troubling population declines. But fortunately, there’s something you can do to help give your local critters a helping hand: Plant trees with a high wildlife value. What Makes a Tree Valuable to Wildlife? Trees support animals […]

Leveraging the Sun: Six Great Trees that Require Intense Sunlight

To develop and maintain a luxurious landscape, you have to work with the resources the local environment provides. Sure, you can amend soils or provide supplemental irrigation to help support trees that aren’t well-suited for your location, but that quickly becomes frustrating, laborious and expensive. Instead, it makes more sense to take a look at […]

Avoid These 6 High-Litter Trees to Keep Your Yard Looking Great

We often receive calls from local citizens, particularly those in Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, who are frustrated with the litter their trees strew across their otherwise immaculate landscapes. But this needn’t be the case – in fact, through careful tree selection, you can usually reduce the amount of leaves, fruit, sticks and […]