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Vertical Value: Trees Raise Property Values

Few property amenities are as beneficial when selling a property as trees are. Their beauty increases a property’s curb appeal, while the shade they provide lowers cooling costs. They provide privacy and reduce street noise, and many will continue to appreciate for longer than you will live. Average Estimates The precise dollar amount by which […]

Construction Trauma can Topple Trees

Coping with construction is the most challenging obstacle many trees will face in their lives. Given enough time to adapt, trees are extraordinary organisms that can withstand many environmental stresses; however, the rapid environmental changes wrought by construction occur too quickly for many trees to survive. While some trees’ health may decline within days of […]

Tending Trees in Fire-Prone Areas

No matter how natural recurrent fires are, it is hard to appreciate Mother Nature’s majesty while watching your worldly belongings burn to a crisp. Do not wait idly while politicians and professors debate policies for managing wildfires; instead, take proactive steps to help protect your home and family. In addition to keeping potential fuels at […]

Serotinous Survival Strategies

Over the millennia, plants and trees native to fire-prone regions have evolved a number of adaptations that allow them to persist in these challenging habitats. Some plants have subterranean rhizomes that rapidly regenerate the aboveground portion of the plant after it burns in a fire. Others produce seeds that lie dormant until exposed to fire, […]

Trees Don’t Just Save Money, They Save Lives

Most people realize that trees provide a number of environmental and economic benefits, but few realize that trees also provide health benefits for those living near them. However, a recent national study, conducted by the United States Forestry Service and the Davey Institute, is likely to change that. Given that Los Angeles is bathed in […]