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The Three Services Roots Provide to Trees

Every anatomical part of a tree is important. Without leaves, trees wouldn’t be able to produce food; without bark, they’d be left vulnerable to pests and pathogens. Without fruit and flowers, they wouldn’t be able to reproduce; and, without a trunk, they’d hardly qualify as trees in the first place. But while these anatomical features […]

Stump Removal 101: Methods, Tips and Tricks

Most arborists and tree-care professionals will discuss stump-removal options before having you sign a contract or performing any work. But unfortunately, homeowners are occasionally surprised to find that the tree removal services they paid for do not include stump removal. This leaves them with an ugly and potentially dangerous tree stump sitting in the middle […]

Five Deer-Resistant Trees for Southern California Properties

Deer are certainly lovely animals, and most people enjoy getting a glimpse of these beautiful creatures sauntering through their yard. Unless that is, the deer are destroying the plants and trees you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of installing on your property. In such cases, deer can represent quite a problem. Short of building […]

Summer Tree Care: Four Tips for Protecting Your Trees

Tree-care is a year-round responsibility, but it is important to note that your trees need different things during different times of the year. And while one could argue that trees growing in southern California experience summer-like conditions on a more-or-less constant basis, there are a few special things you’ll want to do to prepare for […]

Drought-Tolerant California Trees

Anytime you intend to install a set of new trees, you’ll need to select species that satisfy a number of criteria. Some of these criteria will vary from person to person and from one location to the next, while others are relatively universal. For example, you may want a tree with nice fall color, while […]

Protect Your Trees by Protecting Their Roots

Like most other living things, trees live in conflict with the world around them. Their crowns are constantly buffeted by strong winds, while their trunks are assaulted by tunneling insects and teenage vandals. Caterpillars consume their leaves and beavers devour their delicate cambium layer. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens also threaten trees and remind us […]

Why Is “Topping” a Tree a Bad Idea?

Unfortunately, many trees are planted in locations in which they outgrow the space available to them. When such trees are situated under powerlines, roof lines or other overhanging structures, they must often have their height reduced to avoid problems. However, cutting the tree’s primary leader (its main stem) at an arbitrary height can quickly cause […]

Bark Beetles

The world is home to about 6,000 bark beetle species – known to biologists as the subfamily Scolytinae. One of the most famous examples is the elm bark beetle (Scolytus schevyrewi), which transmits the fungi responsible for causing Dutch elm disease. However, the most important bark beetles for North American trees (particularly conifers) are undoubtedly […]