Bees and Avocado Trees: The Power of Pollinators 

Thanks to their delicious taste, creamy texture and the array of health benefits they provide, avocados have exploded in popularity over the last few decades. Formerly considered a delicacy for only the wealthiest among us, avocados are now a staple component in the diets of many.  But unfortunately, avocado farmers are currently facing a number […]

Pests That Threaten Citrus Trees of Southern California

Few places in the world are more hospitable to citrus trees than Southern California. But unfortunately, even in a place with a nearly ideal climate for these fruit-bearing trees, the trees must still survive amid a variety of insects and other pests. In fact, while these pests and parasites threaten the citrus trees growing in […]

Diseases of the California Sycamore Tree

Many of the largest tree species native to California are conifers, but there are a few big broadleaf species that also call the Sunshine State home. The California sycamore (Platanus racemosa) is an excellent example, as it not only reaches heights in excess of 80 feet, but it has some of the largest leaves of […]

Asian Citrus Psyllids Threaten Southern California Trees

Thanks to the area’s warm climate and thriving agricultural industry, southern California is especially vulnerable to invasive pests and exotic plant diseases. And while there are several species that local homeowners, property managers and farmers must be aware of, few are quite as troubling as the Asian citrus psyllid and the associated disease that the […]

Five Common Diseases of Avocado Trees

Thanks in part to the current popularity of avocados, many homeowners have begun growing their own avocado trees. This is a great way to keep your kitchen stocked with the delicious and nutritious fruits, but the trees themselves are also quite desirable. They not only exhibit a handsome growth habit, but they also produce dense […]

Know Your Enemy: Six Insects That Attack Avocado Trees

The avocado tree has become one of the most popular tree species grown by residents of southern California. Some grow these trees for their delicious fruit, while others simply appreciate the way they look or the shade they provide. But regardless of your motivation from growing these fruit-bearing trees, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with […]

Turkey Tail Fungus: Everything You Need to Know

In many ways, fungi represent some of the most important and omnipresent threats to trees. Many fungi subsist almost entirely on the tissues of trees, and thanks to their reproductive strategy, their spores can be found nearly everywhere. And unfortunately, scientists estimate that there are millions of fungal species in the world. Below, we’ll explain […]

Pests That Attack California Oaks

Oaks are famous for the food they provide local wildlife. In fact, oaks help to sustain everything from squirrels and jays to black bear and deer. But while most animals primarily feed on the acorns of oaks, other animals – primarily several types of insects – feed on the leaves and other parts of oak […]

The Four Best Trees to Plant in or near Your Rain Garden

Rain gardens are attractive landscaping features that can not only improve the aesthetics of most properties, but they provide important environmental benefits too. When properly designed, rain gardens capture and contain a relatively large quantity of rainwater, which will then percolate into the soil over the next few days. This helps to prevent some of […]

Three Important Diseases of California Palms

Palms are certainly iconic components of the California landscape, and they make great additions to most residential and commercial properties in our region. Several palm species are suitable for the local climate, and most require relatively little maintenance or pruning. However, the palms in our area are threatened by a number of different diseases, which […]