Fire Suppression Strategies Exacerbate the Drought

Trees confer a variety of benefits on cities and suburban areas; they reduce local temperatures, provide shade and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Given a few basic caveats, such as selecting the right tree species for the available space and planting the trees properly, most tree professionals heartily encourage the planting of more trees near our homes, schools, playgrounds and shopping malls.


Helping Your Trees Survive the Drought

99.8 percent of California is suffering from some state of drought, and it is taking a toll on our trees. Indeed, without concerted efforts, our state stands to lose much of its natural and urban forests. Unfortunately, the best thing for our trees – copious amounts of water – is not available.


International Perspectives on the Drought

As the drought becomes more and more severe, and citizens and policy makers try to figure out mitigation strategies, it is helpful to examine the approaches that have helped other regions survive these parched periods. While it may not be advantageous to mimic their strategies in all respects, it is valuable to learn what has and has not worked in other places.


True Cypresses

Although many different tree species include the word “cypress” in their common name, the true cypresses are a closely related subgroup of these trees. Historically, the term “true” cypresses referred to conifers of the genus Cupressus. However, the classification scheme for these trees and their close relatives has been revised several times, and different authorities…


Dwarf Redwoods

The dwarf or dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is one of three species that bears the redwood moniker. The sole living species of its genus, dwarf redwoods are very attractive conifers, who are quite similar to coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). Some botanists even contend that the dwarf redwood is the direct ancestor of the coastal redwood.…


Juniper Trees

The genus Juniperus contains between 50 and 68 different species, depending on the authority consulted. Juniper trees inhabit much of the world’s land area, including parts of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Junipers are common plants and trees across arid regions of the American southwest; in many places, they are the primary tree species…