How Much Is My Tree Worth?

While it is obvious that trees have considerable ecological, societal, psychological and aesthetic value, it is often difficult to quantify this value. While property owners can estimate the general value of a given tree by using various calculators or formulae, determining a precise figure requires the services of a qualified tree professional. Different Types of […]

Vertical Value: Trees Raise Property Values

Few property amenities are as beneficial when selling a property as trees are. Their beauty increases a property’s curb appeal, while the shade they provide lowers cooling costs. They provide privacy and reduce street noise, and many will continue to appreciate for longer than you will live. Average Estimates The precise dollar amount by which […]

The Asian Citrus Psyllid: An Exotic Pest Threatens California’s Citrus Industry

Invasive pests and fungi are some of the deadliest threats to many trees. Because the trees under attack have not evolved mechanisms to combat the alien attackers, significant losses can occur very quickly. Unfortunately, California’s citrus trees are currently under threat from just such a pest, known as the Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri). First […]


Construction Trauma can Topple Trees

Coping with construction is the most challenging obstacle many trees will face in their lives. Given enough time to adapt, trees are extraordinary organisms that can withstand many environmental stresses; however, the rapid environmental changes wrought by construction occur too quickly for many trees to survive. While some trees’ health may decline within days of […]

Critical Condition: Protect the Roots to Protect Your Trees

A tree’s fate is largely tied to the health of its roots and the state of the surrounding soil. Unfortunately for many homeowners and arborists, the bulk of the tree’s roots are out of view. Without taking drastic or invasive investigative steps, the health of the tree’s roots must be inferred, rather than directly observed. […]

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Growing Healthcare: Medications Made from Trees

As most elementary school science worksheets explain (complete with bolded vocabulary terms and the same tired examples offered when you were in elementary school), trees are a renewable resource that provide humans with the raw materials for making finished goods like lumber, paper and pencils. The thrust of the lesson is true enough, but it […]

Trees of Suitable Stature

Trees of Suitable Stature

Property owners often enlist tree care professionals to “fix” the problem of a large tree in a small space. Unfortunately, few mitigating strategies can correct this problem. Trees need plenty of elbowroom; once confined in a small space, they are apt to decline and eventually require removal. Avoid this by starting out with a suitable […]


Invasive Species and Wildfire

Virtually all of the world’s habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate. Biodiversity is plummeting, due in large part to anthropocentric habitat destruction; but increasingly frequent wildfires, climate change and pollution take their toll on the world’s habitats as well. Nevertheless, one of the most insidious, yet underappreciated, threats to natural areas is the introduction […]


Tending Trees in Fire-Prone Areas

No matter how natural recurrent fires are, it is hard to appreciate Mother Nature’s majesty while watching your worldly belongings burn to a crisp. Do not wait idly while politicians and professors debate policies for managing wildfires; instead, take proactive steps to help protect your home and family. In addition to keeping potential fuels at […]


Serotinous Survival Strategies

Over the millennia, plants and trees native to fire-prone regions have evolved a number of adaptations that allow them to persist in these challenging habitats. Some plants have subterranean rhizomes that rapidly regenerate the aboveground portion of the plant after it burns in a fire. Others produce seeds that lie dormant until exposed to fire, […]