The Subtleties of California Wildfire

Wildfire is a natural, but destructive, component of many natural ecosystems. In California, wildfires are a complicated issue: On one hand, periodic wildfires are unavoidable and necessary for the perpetuation of some ecosystems. On the other hand, wildfires cause unthinkable damage and threaten lives. The complexity of the issue balloons even further once competing human […]

Trees, Jobs and the Economy

It is abundantly clear that trees help people to feel good, heal fast, keep cool and stay safe; but can they help the bottom line? According to the available evidence, trees are unquestionably good for reducing costs and increasing profits. In fact, because of the perpetually warm temperatures of Southern California, Los Angeles area merchants […]

Shade Trees on the Playground

Over the last decade or so, educators, parents and doctors have begun strenuously emphasizing the need for children to get outside and play. Often, the driving force is obesity prevention, but children also benefit psychologically from spending time outdoors. The Problem with Good Intentions There is a small problem with this goal. Increased time spent […]

The Limits to Tree Height: Why Redwoods Don’t Grow 500 Feet Tall

To a large extent, the ultimate height of a tree is determined by its genes. Most of the remaining influence comes from the quality of the site in which the tree is growing. In other words, an oak tree may be genetically predisposed to reach about 60 feet in height, but the amount of sunlight […]

A Conservation Success Story: Protecting a Rare Albino Chimeric Redwood

Thanks to the efforts of local citizens, historians and conservationists, one of the rarest trees in the world has been granted a reprieve. Now, instead of being cut down to make room for a railway expansion project in Cotati, California, crews will move the tree about 450 feet from its current location, where it will […]

Trees Don’t Just Save Money, They Save Lives

Most people realize that trees provide a number of environmental and economic benefits, but few realize that trees also provide health benefits for those living near them. However, a recent national study, conducted by the United States Forestry Service and the Davey Institute, is likely to change that. Given that Los Angeles is bathed in […]

The Psychological Benefits of Trees and Natural Areas: Beyond Supposition

Some of the most important benefits that trees provide to humans are psychological or emotional in nature. While countless authors, arborists and philosophers have mused that trees help to clear the mind and invigorate the soul, it is important to realize that these claims are not merely conjecture. Scientists have collected plenty of evidence that […]

Healthy Forests for Healthy Water

Though seemingly unrelated, the health of a forest directly affects the health of the surrounding waterways. While the trees depend on the local water supply for survival, they perform valuable filtering services on this water, which helps to keep the local supply clean. One of the most valuable ways trees help to protect the local […]

Trees in Downtown Chicago

Trees and Healthy People – No Appointment Necessary

Trees, parks, and gardens are not just simply considered beauty in the city but as a matter of improving public health. There is a link between an individual’s socio-economic position and their health is well-established. Epidemiological studies show a positive relationship between longevity and proximity to green space. Fewer people die of asthma and heart […]

aphids on a green leaf. macro

Aphids that Infested Her Birch Trees

Evergreen Arborist Consultants recently received a call from a homeowner regarding aphids that infested her birch trees.  She was very concerned about treating the aphids without harming her pets.  The aphids were damaging the birch tree leaves and staining her concrete from the honeydew.  Honeydew is a sticky black liquid, secreted by aphids as they feed on plant […]