Will Fire Damaged Trees Recover

Will Fire Damaged Trees Recover?

Southern California has been hit by a series of wildfires that have damaged thousands of acres.  The fires have raged uncontrollably, fuelled by drought, high winds, and high temperatures.  What is the long term effect to trees that are damaged by wildfires?  If a tree has been burned and its leaves lost it may not […]

Exotic Beetle Killing Oak Trees

Exotic Beetle Killing Oak Trees

An exotic beetle has invaded Southern California and targeted coast live oaks. The tiny western oak bark beetle has long been a threat to the oaks but this variety brings a fungus with them that is now wreaking havoc on the iconic oaks. These pests are about the size of a grain of rice. Beetle […]

tree root care

Tree Root Care

The Morton Arboretum states that over 80% of all landscape problems originate underground. With this in mind, it is safe to say that root problems become tree problems. The structure of a tree root system is comprised of large perennial roots and smaller, shorter-lived feeder roots. Perennial tree roots are woody and grow horizontally, primarily […]

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Arborists Help by Identifying Insect Problems in Tree Growth

Arborists like the professionals at Evergreen Arborist Consultants are called on every day to make appraisals and to offer expert testimony in various cases.  However, sometimes professional arborists need a bit more knowledge than what they use in their regular work.  For example, an arborist may easily recognize that a tree has insect invasion issues […]

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Certified vs. Qualified: International Recognition of Credentials

The International Society of Arboriculture offers two levels of recognition for arborists:  qualification and certification. The experts at Evergreen Arborist Consultants hold certification from the ISA, one of the highest levels to which an arborist can aim. What Is The Difference Between Certification and Qualification with the ISA? While both qualification and certification by the […]

man cutting trees

Always Watch Out For Hazards When Cutting Trees

Cutting trees and limbs can be a very hazardous job, particularly when the damage has been caused by a storm.  Hurricanes, monsoons, tornados and heavy wind events can all lead to structural damage to a tree.  Furthermore, wildfires can damage a tree and cause it to become unsafe. When cutting trees down, however, there is […]

Arborists, Unite! Midwest Professionals Protest Clear Cutting of Trees

Chicago, Illinois–The Utility Arborists Association may have a solution to a problem that has been plaguing utility companies for several years and affects millions of people who need power.  The problem is hot power lines sagging onto overgrown trees.  One such “sag” event in 2003 resulted in a blackout that affected 50 million people.  Adequately […]

Indian Wells Ficus Hedge Could Cost $10 Million

Indian Wells, California–It is hard to believe the lowly ficus could stir such controversy, but a hedge in Indian Wells may wind up with a $10 million pricetag, payable by the city. The hedge has already cost the city a great deal of money, and now the litigants are fighting over attorney’s fees.  A civil […]

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Pacific Gas & Electric Found Nothing Wrong With Deadly Tree

Yosemite National Park—This past summer, a 21-year-old lost her life and four adults were treated at hospitals after a tree fell at Camp Towanga near Yosemite National Park.  Pacific Gas & Electric Co. had recently inspected the tree in question and apparently found nothing wrong with the oak.  PG&E were required to inspect due to […]

Palos Verdes Tree Trimmer

Power was knocked out in Palos Verdes near Abalone Cove when a tree trimmer, working on trimming a pine tree at a height of 25 feet, accidentally touched his pruning shear to an overhead electrical cable. The tree trimmer was killed in the electrocution accident. The tree trimmer worked for Ben’s Gardening Service and he […]