Hong Kong’s Heritage Trees are Failing

Hong Kong has removed many of its heritage trees in the past eight years due to typhoons and disease (the government’s definition of natural causes). Even with these removals, many trees are still failing and causing accidents. In August 2008 a coral tree that had a fungal infection fell in Stanley Market and killed a […]

Trees in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many old heritage trees, which are being lost at an alarming rate. From 2004 to 2012, a tenth of the urban heritage trees have been lost, according to the Leisure and Culture Services Department in the city. Although age is a factor in the removal of the 52 old and valuable trees, […]

Malibu Trees

State Parks workers, working to replace rocks that had fallen off the revetments in response to wintertime erosion of the sea wall, removed a coral tree growing within the sea wall. The sea wall needed emergency repairs to preserve the historic Adamson House at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Suzanne Goode, senior staff scientist with […]

Windstorm Damage

On December 18, 2012 people in Los Angeles and Ventura County suffered power outages from high winds. In all about 17,000 Southern California Edison customers were affected. Beverly Hills reported winds of 45 mph, and in Malibu, Saugus, and Newhall Pass the winds were approximately 50 mph. The winds caused a tree to fall on […]

Santa Monica Trees

Trees in the way of the Exposition Light Rail Line in Santa Monica have been chosen to be either moved to a new location or removed and replaced. Those that were chosen to be removed are being replaced with two new trees. This means that there will be an overall increase of 120 trees in […]

Tree Damage in Malibu

Approximately 1,800 Southern California Edison customers in Malibu were without power after a Sycamore tree along Ramirez Canyon Road fell onto a power line. Southern California Edison spokesman Gil Alexander said of the outage, “The tree fell on the power line, knocking power out.” The traffic lights at Pacific Coast Highway and Paradise Coast Road […]

Coral Tree Falls on San Vicente Boulevard

A large coral tree fell onto San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood. The Chair of the Brentwood Community Council Board, Nancy Freedman, said that the tree is No. 15 in median No.3 at the corner of San Vicente Boulevard and Gorham Avenue. Coral trees are extremely drought tolerant and in an email Freedman noted that she […]

Combating Sudden Oak Death

Incidences of Sudden Oak Death in California are being monitored to combat the disease. Residents in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills recently gathered to learn how to treat and protect trees from the disease, where so far few trees have been infected. Researchers at UC Berkeley have predicted that the disease could eliminate 90% […]

Care of California’s Native Oaks

Young native oak trees are much more tolerant and adaptable to environmental changes, while mature, established oaks are intolerant of change. This means that any major change in a mature oak’s environment may weaken the tree or kill it. To reduce the chance of this happening, leave the tree’s RPZ, or root protection zone, undisturbed. […]

Beverly Hills Arborist

The Beverly Hills Recreation and Parks Commission met in 2010 to discuss, among other things, the removal of 16 ficus trees on Angelo Drive. These trees were chosen for removal due to sidewalk uplift from the roots of these trees. The commission estimates that it will cost $19,800 to replace these trees and the replacements […]