Oak Trees

Donna Giustizia in Ontario, Canada, is asking that the oak trees near her daughter’s school be cut down due to the risk of a nut allergy reaction from the acorns off the trees. Because she felt strongly about the possible hazards, she appeared before the Vaughan, Ontario, City Council to ask the council to remove […]

Woman Injured From Tree

Ana Sofia Krogh-Doyle of Kahala, Hawaii, sued the City of Honolulu and its landscape contractor after a coconut tree fell on her while she was at Waikiki Beach. Krogh-Doyle makes the claim that the city was negligent by failing to maintain the tree. An expert estimates that the tree is 76 years old and should […]

Sherman Oaks Trees

Laurel Canyon Boulevard trees in Sherman Oaks were trimmed in a project to help reduce the danger of fires in the area. Trees along this road and in a few other Hollywood Hills areas have had limbs that hang down below 14 feet, which is the clearance requirement for fire department trucks to get through […]

Sherman Oaks Tree Root Damage

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council’s Government Affairs Committee and the Neighborhood Services Committee held a joint meeting to discuss sidewalk repair in the area and what position Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) will take when they present the issue to the City Council. Under discussion was the possibility of shifting responsibility for sidewalk repair and […]

Sycamores Downed in Malibu

California State Parks, working on the Malibu Lagoon overhaul project to replace non-native vegetation with native vegetation, uprooted seven 30-year-old sycamores during bulldozing. The bulldozer was removing vegetation through a process called “grubbing” and downed the trees. Suzanne Goode, senior environmental scientist for State Parks, said the sycamores would be reused within the project. “About […]

Saving 350-Year-Old Bur Oak Tree

John Sam Williamson from Missouri has been working to save a 350-year-old bur oak, probably the largest of its kind, by hauling 1,600 gallons of water to the tree each week. Missouri has had one of its hottest summers on record, with 99.29 percent of the state in extreme drought or worse. Williamson gets his […]

Santa Ana Winds Down Trees

Last December, Santa Ana winds in Southern California caused havoc and significant power outages. Some of the wind gusts were approximately 100 mph, while other gusts were recorded at 56-65 mph. Many homes, especially in the hard-hit Pasadena area, were without power as the winds knocked down trees – destroying buildings and downing power lines. […]

Wildfire Damage

Next year two cousins who accidently started Arizona’s largest wildfire, the Wallow Fire, will start paying restitution with monthly payments. Caleb and David Malboeuf didn’t clear the brush from around their campfire and then left it unattended in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. The brush caught fire and subsequently burned 840 square miles in Arizona […]

Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund Created to Replace Lost Trees

Pasadena Beautiful and the Pasadena Community Foundation have joined forces by starting the Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund to help raise money to replace the 1,100 trees lost during the massive windstorm of 2011. With these funds, the two groups intend to work with the city to prioritize replacement needs. Not only will funds be used […]

Pasadena Windstorm Anniversary Marked

November 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of a major windstorm in the Pasadena area. During the storm, about 10 percent of the area’s trees were damaged or downed by the winds that reached 80 miles per hour. Although there was significant damage from trees and limbs falling – an apartment building was split in half […]