Pasadena Beetle Infested Tree

The City of Pasadena decided to take down a massive tree on North Hill Avenue after it was confirmed that the tree was dying due to a beetle infestation. The tree had withstood the windstorm in the area that occurred a year ago and felled many trees in the city, but the tree recently started […]

Oak Tree Damage

Cal Fire officials recently spotted a California black oak tree in Idyllwild, CA, that was infested with the gold spotted oak borer. This beetle has already destroyed 80,000 oak trees in San Diego County, but officials hadn’t expected to see it so far outside of the estimated zone of infestation. “Our concern is that it’s […]

Oak Trees

According to Michele Warmund from the Missouri University College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, galls on oak trees, frequently seen in autumn months, are harmless. Galls appear as round, brown growths, especially prevalent on oaks. Warmund has had inquiries about the growths from property owners and thinks that the unseasonably warm spring may have […]

Oak Trees Damaged in Fire

Two oak trees on the Auburn University campus were burned in the early morning hours in November. A video showed the trees rolled with toilet paper and two men passing the trees just before the fire started. A week after the fire, most of the trees’ foliage had browned and begun to fall off. The […]

Oaks to be Removed for Road-Widening Project

A new Ocean Springs High School is under construction in Jackson County Mississippi. Along with the new school, county supervisors plan on widening Mississippi 57 to three lanes between U.S. 90 and Old Spanish Trail. It will also add a sidewalk, other safety features, and crossing arms at the railroad track. But this construction comes […]

Old Oak Trees to be Cut Down for Pipeline

Ed Southern and his wife own land in Texas that is on the planned 61 miles of new pipeline being constructed from the Eagle Ford Shale to the Houston Ship Channel. Kinder Morgan, a natural gas pipeline company, is laying down the pipeline. Southern was offered $54,000 for the pipeline to run through the property, […]

Overruling of Destroyed Trees Compensation

A recent Fourth District Court of Appeal in Florida has overturned a ruling that the state is constitutionally required to pay full compensation for trees taken by the state during the state’s canker eradication program. The appellate court has stated that eminent domain laws do not cover the taking of trees. The homeowners of the […]

Portland Fines For Removing Nuisance Trees

Portland, Oregon has strict measures in place that reduce the likelihood that property owners will replace nuisance trees with non-nuisance trees. The city code is set up to protect the city’s mature canopy, so healthy nuisance tree removal comes with a mitigation fee of $300 per inch of diameter measured at four and a half […]

Removing Gingko Trees Would Set Precedent

Residents on Hayes Street in Birmingham, Michigan, do not look forward to fall, when vegetation starts falling from trees. This residential street has 28 female Gingko trees that drop leaves and fruit on lawns, streets, and sidewalks. The leaves are not a problem, but the fruit is –when crushed the fruit releases a very unpleasant […]

Residents Want Pine Trees Cut

Pine trees lining West A Street in Dixon, CA are being considered for removal. There are 45 trees in all, and they line a street that goes into the city’s historic downtown district. Residents on the street have complained that the pine trees are dropping large quantities of pine needles into their yards and onto […]