Vacationing Couple Sues After Branch Falls on Them

Russell Narahara and his wife Beverly were vacationing in Waikiki when an eight-foot long banyan tree limb dropped on them while shopping. The couple sustained serious injuries. Beverly suffered a fractured skull and large cut on her head while Russell suffered a multiple-fractured hip. Russell has been hospitalized for four months in California due to […]

Drought Causes Tree Death and Limbs to Fall

Tyler State Park in East Texas has seen an increase in trees dying, due to drought in the region. Although more trees are dying, the state park says that it has been difficult keeping up with the necessary tree maintenance and removal because the state legislature took away some of their funding this year. An […]

Sycamore Tree Blows into Pool in Chico

A 50-year-old sycamore tree fell into Sycamore Pool in Chico, California on June 18, 2012. The tree is one of several sycamore trees that line the pool, thus the name. The large, leafy canopy of the tree caught the wind and caused the tree to break at its weakest point. The city had to remove […]

Mapping to Proactively Reduce Sudden Oak Disease and Death

Designed to help protect historic heritage trees, a comprehensive map, called SODMAP, details the spread of sudden oak death – a tree-killing microbe. The disease is spreading from the forested hills into residential areas all over the Bay Area, and it has already killed hundreds of thousands of oak trees from southern Oregon to Big […]

Maintaining Kalispell’s Urban Forest

Kalispell, Montana received the honorable recognition of “Tree City” for the last 25 years. The city maintains its trees with an urban forest budget under the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. Kalispell is continually dealing with cleanup from windstorms as well as tree pruning, tree removal, and new tree plantings. Years ago, the city’s goal […]

Trees Cut to Make Room for Endeavour

On the final leg of its journey from the Kennedy Space Center, space shuttle Endeavour will be moving on the ground from the Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center. In order to make the move, trees along the route need to be taken down. The shuttle is scheduled to move in October […]

Pine Tree Falls on Convertible During Tropical Storm Debby

As tropical storm Debby moved through Tampa Bay on June 26, 2012, trees succumbed to the wind. One such tree was a large pine tree on Crenshaw Lake Road of US 41. The pine tree broke in half and fell on top of a Mustang convertible travelling on the road, trapping 58-year-old Diana Lewis in […]

Neighborhood Complaint Becomes Township Issue

Kathy Goodwine, a resident in Robbinsville, complained over a year ago to council members about trees in her area that were lifting sidewalks. The issue soon became a township wide issue, because trees in other areas of the town were also causing sidewalk lift. To address the problem, the council looked at sidewalks in various […]

Lititz Borough to use Root Containing Device for Planting?

A new method for containing shade tree roots is being considered for use in planting trees in Lititz Borough, Pennsylvania. The new method is called the StrataCell and was developed in Australia by Citygreen in 2009. The StrataCell is a plastic interlocking device that is intended to keep roots from spreading outward and lifting sidewalks, […]

Eminent Domain of Rare Compton Oak

League City in Texas has been locked in negotiations with a landowner over an oak tree that is in the way of a road-widening project. Originally, the city agreed to keep the tree in a pocket park with the road going around the tree, but negotiations for this proposal stalled. The owner wants $60,000 more […]