Supplemental Water During the Long, Dry Summer

Periodic drought is a way of life for those living in southern California – this means not only the people, but the plants and animals as well. Fortunately, most trees – even those hailing from faraway lands – can survive the long, dry summer with a little extra water. Home Sweet Home Most of the […]

Do Your Part to Diversify Santa Monica’s Tree Canopy

Santa Monica is home to an impressive urban forest, for which both residents and city employees should be proud. However, many of these trees are nearing the end of their useful lifespan and will need to be replaced in the next few years. Many of these trees are on city property, so they’ll be replaced […]

Six Great Drought-Resistant Trees for Santa Monica Properties

Like most cities in Southern California, Santa Monica experiences a Mediterranean climate, characterized by wet, mild winters and hot, dry drought-like summers – even in good years. These dry summers can make life difficult for many of the trees growing on properties all over the city, and many die each year while trying to cope […]

The Soil Compaction Problem

A variety of soil characteristics influence the health and vigor of trees. Soils that lack sufficient moisture are obviously problematic, as are those without enough nitrogen. Improper pH can also be troubling for trees, and reduce the rate at which they can absorb vital nutrients. But one underappreciated soil characteristic that can influence the health […]

The Best Palm Trees for Beverly Hills Properties

While the glitzy homes and movie stars are perhaps Beverley Hill’s biggest claim to fame, the city’s iconic palm trees aren’t far behind. Palm trees line many of the local roads and throughways, and help provide much of the city’s visual charm. But palm trees needn’t be limited to Rodeo Drive or Hillcrest Road – […]

Six Troubling Myths About Trees and Their Care

Myths arise in almost every subject area, and trees are no different. Unfortunately, belief in these myths can lead homeowners (and unqualified tree workers) to make mistakes in the process of caring for trees. To help ensure you don’t fall victim to some of these myths, we’ve outlined six of the most common below. A […]

Good Alternatives to Palms in Beverly Hills

Palm trees are iconic residents of Beverly Hills, but many of the region’s trees are dying. Some of the die off is due to fungi and insect pests, but many of the mature palms are simply approaching the end of their natural lifespan, as they were planted in the 1930s. Moving forward, most of these […]

Three Tree Symptoms That Require Immediate Action

There are a variety of signs and symptoms that can suggest a tree is at high risk of failure, but many of these red flags go unnoticed by homeowners and landscapers. This is completely understandable, as few people have the training and knowledge to spot the subtle differences between healthy, sound trees and those that […]

The Surprising Simplicity of Soil Texture

Soil is often a confusing subject for laypersons and property owners, which is unfortunate, as the soil surrounding your trees is one of the most important factors influencing their health, vigor and ultimate fate. To be fair, soil science is a complicated subject, with tendrils reaching into a variety of related subjects, including chemistry, microbiology […]