The Soil Compaction Problem

A variety of soil characteristics influence the health and vigor of trees. Soils that lack sufficient moisture are obviously problematic, as are those without enough nitrogen. Improper pH can also be troubling for trees, and reduce the rate at which they can absorb vital nutrients. But one underappreciated soil characteristic that can influence the health…


The Magic of Mycorrhizae

Trees are amazing organisms that provide food, shelter and other resources for a variety of living things, including everything from mistletoe to humans. But while it is important to recognize the contributions trees provide to the rest of the planet, it is equally important to recognize the ways other species actually help trees to survive.…


Riparian Trees for California Properties

Riparian areas – the land adjacent to a river, creek or stream – are unique and important habitats. Because of their low elevation and proximity to waterways, they’re subject to frequent (and often extended) floods. Additionally, this proximity to water increases the number of insects and fungi living in these areas. The species that dominate…