Alex Shigo: The Father of Modern Arboriculture

No matter the field, subject or industry in question, it is always important to understand the role important predecessors played in shaping the world modern world. For example, horn players should learn about Miles Davis; baseball players should learn about Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth;and artists should learn about Picasso, Da Vinci and Dali. But […]

Meryta Trees

Native to islands in the South Pacific, most species of the genus Meryta are small, evergreen, dioecious trees. The genus contains 28 different species, but scientists routinely add, synonymize and eliminate the occasional species within the group. Meryta trees are found on several different islands in the south Pacific, but they are best represented in […]

Six WaysTrees Influence Your Business’ Security

Modern business owners cannot afford to ignore security concerns. And while most 21st century security threats are of the cyber variety, old fashioned crimes, such as burglary, theft and vandalism still occur with alarming frequency. Savvy business owners do their best to limit such crimes. They install auxiliary lighting and alarm systems; some even hire […]

Schefflera Trees

Scheffleras are largely tropical species, found in warm and humid habitats around the world. Several species – including the umbrella tree (Schefflera actinophylla) and the dwarf umbrella tree (Schefflera arboricola) – are widely planted as ornamentals or as indoor houseplants. They are especially prized for their hardy nature and the tropical flavor they can provide […]

Why Do Tree Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?

The red, gold and purple tones of autumn leaves provide a once-a-year bounty for the eyes. But this phenomenon represents an interesting biological phenomenon, that provides lessons into tree biology, the interconnection between weather and trees and the ecological interactions between trees and their predators. Unfortunately, the fall color here in the west is not […]

How Do Trees Draw Water from the Ground?

Most people understand that trees require water to grow and live, and many are aware that roots play a critical role in drawing water from the ground. But this is the limit of most people’s understanding of the subject. But by exploring the way in which trees accomplish this surprisingly tricky feat, you can learn […]

Hollies (Ilex spp.)

Hollies are familiar trees, easily recognized by their glossy, dark green foliage and beautiful bright red berries. But hollies are a diverse and varied group, and several species break from this mold. Although the vast majority of holly species are evergreen, a handful shed their leaves annually; some have spiny leaves, while others bear smooth, […]

Cabbage Trees (Cussoniaspp.)

The genus Cussonia contains about 20 species of trees from southern Africa and the island-nation of Madagascar. The best known and most commonly cultivated species is the common cabbage tree (Cussonia spicata), which hails from scattered locations south of the Saharan Desert. It most often grows in open habitats, such as grasslands or just outside […]


Aralia is a genus of nearly 70 different species that exhibit a diverse array of growth habits. Some reach tree-like proportions, while others are nothing more than shrubs. Some of the large varieties grow as multi-stemmed plants, slightly reminiscent of both bamboo and tropical palms. Many members of the genus bear impressive spines, which lead […]

Yellow Oleander (Thevetia peruvianasyn. Cascabela thevetia)

Hailing from Mexico and Central America, the yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) is a large shrub or small tree adorned with beautiful yellow to peach flowers, that are very popular among gardeners and homeowners. Classification The classification and composition of the genus Thevetia is cloaked in controversy. Some authorities consider the genus to be a part […]