Fire Suppression Strategies Exacerbate the Drought

Trees confer a variety of benefits on cities and suburban areas; they reduce local temperatures, provide shade and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Given a few basic caveats, such as selecting the right tree species for the available space and planting the trees properly, most tree professionals heartily encourage the planting of more trees near our homes, schools, playgrounds and shopping malls.


Invasive Species and Wildfire

Virtually all of the world’s habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate. Biodiversity is plummeting, due in large part to anthropocentric habitat destruction; but increasingly frequent wildfires, climate change and pollution take their toll on the world’s habitats as well. Nevertheless, one of the most insidious, yet underappreciated, threats to natural areas is the introduction…


Tending Trees in Fire-Prone Areas

No matter how natural recurrent fires are, it is hard to appreciate Mother Nature’s majesty while watching your worldly belongings burn to a crisp. Do not wait idly while politicians and professors debate policies for managing wildfires; instead, take proactive steps to help protect your home and family. In addition to keeping potential fuels at…


The Subtleties of California Wildfire

Wildfire is a natural, but destructive, component of many natural ecosystems. In California, wildfires are a complicated issue: On one hand, periodic wildfires are unavoidable and necessary for the perpetuation of some ecosystems. On the other hand, wildfires cause unthinkable damage and threaten lives. The complexity of the issue balloons even further once competing human…

Will Fire Damaged Trees Recover

Will Fire Damaged Trees Recover?

Southern California has been hit by a series of wildfires that have damaged thousands of acres.  The fires have raged uncontrollably, fuelled by drought, high winds, and high temperatures.  What is the long term effect to trees that are damaged by wildfires?  If a tree has been burned and its leaves lost it may not…


Living in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Susan and Al Maza live in an area called the “wildland-urban interface” and were serious about making their home as fire-safe as possible. This included building a wrap-around driveway that fire crews could access, and maintaining an area around the house that is free of trees and other fire-fuel. This planning on the Maza’s part…


Wildfire Damage

Next year two cousins who accidently started Arizona’s largest wildfire, the Wallow Fire, will start paying restitution with monthly payments. Caleb and David Malboeuf didn’t clear the brush from around their campfire and then left it unattended in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. The brush caught fire and subsequently burned 840 square miles in Arizona…


Oak Trees Damaged in Fire

Two oak trees on the Auburn University campus were burned in the early morning hours in November. A video showed the trees rolled with toilet paper and two men passing the trees just before the fire started. A week after the fire, most of the trees’ foliage had browned and begun to fall off. The…