tree root care

Tree Root Care

The Morton Arboretum states that over 80% of all landscape problems originate underground. With this in mind, it is safe to say that root problems become tree problems. The structure of a tree root system is comprised of large perennial roots and smaller, shorter-lived feeder roots. Perennial tree roots are woody and grow horizontally, primarily…


Sherman Oaks Tree Root Damage

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council’s Government Affairs Committee and the Neighborhood Services Committee held a joint meeting to discuss sidewalk repair in the area and what position Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) will take when they present the issue to the City Council. Under discussion was the possibility of shifting responsibility for sidewalk repair and…


Oak Tree

Armillaria root rot, Armillaria mellea, is often correlated with oaks and other hardwoods throughout California. The disease, which is a root fungus, attacks trees that are often found in urban landscapes as a result of excessive moisture in the soil. This is typically caused by overwatering in the landscape induced by excess irrigation and not…