Protect Your Trees by Protecting Their Roots

Like most other living things, trees live in conflict with the world around them. Their crowns are constantly buffeted by strong winds, while their trunks are assaulted by tunneling insects and teenage vandals. Caterpillars consume their leaves and beavers devour their delicate cambium layer. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens also threaten trees and remind us…


Five Bad Trees for Allergy Sufferers

Many of the most popular trees — including magnolias, crepe myrtles and jacarandas, among others — have very attractive flowers. But while these flowers may smell nice, attract wildlife and beautify your property, other flowers can cause problems – particularly among allergy sufferers. Many tree flowers produce allergenic pollens, which can leave sensitive individuals sniffling…



Smoketrees (Cotinus spp.) derive their common name from their wispy, filamentous flowers, which appear like puffs of smoke when viewed from a distance. Because they are very easy to grow and add unique beauty to suburban landscapes, smoketrees are very popular ornamentals, often planted as borders or hedges.