Poisoned Trees to be Removed in New Zealand


TaupA District Council in New Zealand will have arborists remove some trees in Kinloch that died due to poisoning. There are six trees that need to be removed and they include gum, pine, and cedar. These trees, located at the Marina Terrace Recreation Reserve, were poisoned earlier this year and even though there was an attempt to save them, they died. The arborists will remove the trees at the end of July. John Ridd, District Manager of Parks and Open Spaces Manager, commented on the poisonings and noted that this type of incident is increasing. “It poses a threat to our environment and also our safety; a dead or dying tree can be a danger to the public. We’re lucky to have such a great environment here in TaupA District. It’s pretty disappointing that a few people are destroying some great trees.”

Although many people appreciate the trees that are in the public parks and along streets, Ridd says that a few people are causing problems. Complaints have been made to the Council of residents damaging or destroying trees. Because of these complaints, the council has reminded people that it is a crime to poison trees on Council land. If someone damages a tree in a public place, they could face a fine of $20,000 and in serious cases the police could bring criminal charges. There is a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment for cases involving danger to live, and seven years in other cases. Anyone concerned about certain trees can contact a specific Council phone number to bring these trees to Council attention, and if anyone sees trees being damaged can contact either the Council or the police.

The person responsible for the poisoned Kinloch trees has been convicted and is now paying reparation to the Council.