“My firm retained Ruben and his team to work on a massive litigation involving multi-million dollar property damage claims, most of which involved significant tree losses. Soon in the litigation, we realized Ruben was our “go-to” guy for the most difficult claims. Not only was his expertise unparalleled (and far superior to that of our opposing experts), but his work product was always timely and thorough. On top of that, he was a pleasure to work with. If you have a choice in hiring an expert arborist and you do not hire Ruben, you are making a mistake.”
Bill Berry
Attorney at Law
“Mr. Green worked with us over a period of eighteen months in a litigated significant property damage case involving two separate failures of a large Sequoia sempervirens tree in the suburban Bay Area. His work was exemplary: he observed and analyzed each failure and reported clearly, concisely, and exactly what happened and why. He was obviously knowledgeable and researched and reported on not only the tree failures but also on the weather conditions that caused the failures. He was extremely responsive, not only in scheduling inspections, especially immediately after the second failure, but also in responding to questions and concerns of the attorneys and claims professionals as the litigation proceeded. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who needs an expert arborist.”
Charlene Rosack
Attorney RPM Law Group
“Ruben is very knowledgeable and an expert in his field. I have relied on him many times to provide expert reports on a number of cases, and his work product and commitment is excellent. I would highly recommend him.”
A. Powley
Attorney at Law
“Ruben is one of the first people I call whenever I get a case involving a dispute over trees. Ruben can quickly spot issues and suggest practical solutions. In addition, he delivers a superior product as a consultant, with a high level of detail and authority that makes my job easier. I highly recommend Mr. Green’s work!”
F. Gutierrez
Associate Attorney at M C Hall & Associates
“As a result of your knowledge and advice we had a very favorable outcome to our tree court case. I am glad there are knowledgeable and professional experts like you in the world. Thank you again for your expertise.”
M. Binderbauer
“What a relief. We were fined in excess of $70,000.00 for some tree removals. However, your sensible approach to the appraisal method reduced our fine to $10,000.00. Thank you so much.”
Anthony D.
“Both parties were at a standoff after the second day of arbitration. However, immediately following your power point presentation, we were able to reach an agreement amicable to both Homeowner Associations. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism in helping us settle this case.”
Robert R.
HOA Board Member, Film Producer
“Wow! You hit a grand slam with your testimony and arborist report. I would be more than happy to use you again and recommend you for any future arborist cases.”
Brent Scott
Attorney at Law
“My office has retained Evergreen Arborists Consultants on several cases that require extensive background research and field work. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to efficiently manage task oriented assignments and, more importantly, he possesses the knowledge and skill to point out issues that initially may go undiscovered that become critical to a case. Mr. Green is also very adept at handling depositions and presentations for trial. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”
J. Frayer
“I believe your preparation and testimony significantly assisted us in obtaining an outstanding result for my client. I would strongly recommend you as an expert witness in future litigation.”
Michael Bassett
Attorney at Law