Five Great Trees for Helping Your Local Honeybees

Hymenopterans – a group of insects that includes wasps, ants and bees – are incredibly important components of most terrestrial ecosystems. They not only serve as important food sources for predators and hosts for parasites, many of them play important roles in the process of pollination. And while all pollinators are important for the plants […]

Five Bad Trees for Allergy Sufferers

Many of the most popular trees — including magnolias, crepe myrtles and jacarandas, among others — have very attractive flowers. But while these flowers may smell nice, attract wildlife and beautify your property, other flowers can cause problems – particularly among allergy sufferers. Many tree flowers produce allergenic pollens, which can leave sensitive individuals sniffling […]

Should Climbing Vines Be Removed from Trees?

Although trees are individual organisms, they often harbor entire ecosystems under their canopies. Dozens of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians commonly inhabit trees, and several plant species even grow on living trees. Climbing vines are some of the most common plants to colonize trees, and they can often be seen growing from the soil […]

How Long Do Trees Live?

About 270 miles north of Los Angeles, a remarkable tree juts out of a rocky landscape. The tree isn’t terribly attractive, nor large, nor some member of a critically endangered species. This tree is remarkable because it is about 5,000 years old – give or take a few decades. The tree in question is a […]

Are Treehouses Safe for Trees?

Building your child a treehouse not only provides them with a fun place to play, it can foster an appreciation for trees and the natural world. But some homeowners worry that a treehouse will harm their trees. And while some treehouses do damage their host trees, it is possible to design, construct and install one […]

Why Is “Topping” a Tree a Bad Idea?

Unfortunately, many trees are planted in locations in which they outgrow the space available to them. When such trees are situated under powerlines, roof lines or other overhanging structures, they must often have their height reduced to avoid problems. However, cutting the tree’s primary leader (its main stem) at an arbitrary height can quickly cause […]

Why Do Tree Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?

Thanks to the incredible colors that appear, Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year in many places. Instead of the pretty, yet monotonous green tones that have painted the landscape for the last 6 months, the trees become clad in gold, red, orange and purple hues. Because the green color of leaves […]

When Should You Plant Trees?

As long as you select healthy specimens that are well-suited for the location, you can plant trees at just about any time of year. However, because most people install relatively young – and therefore fragile – trees, you’ll have more success planting trees during some portions of the year than in others. The Rule of […]

Should Homeowners Prune Their Own Trees?

While homeowners and property managers can certainly perform minor pruning tasks, significant pruning jobs should always be left to professionals. Tree pruning is not only incredibly dangerous, but it requires considerable expertise and skill to ensure the tree has the best chance of recovering and thriving. Because few amateurs are equipped to mitigate the dangers […]

Will A Tree Die If Its Roots Are Damaged?

Trees depend on their root systems for a variety of reasons. Roots help to anchor a tree and keep it upright, as well as draw water and nutrients from the ground. They also serve as a site for food storage, which helps give plants the ability to survive during difficult times. But root damage is […]