Tree Appraisal

We have performed over 3,000 tree appraisals.

Trees are valuable, both on their own and for their contribution to the overall property value. Hiring an experienced tree expert who specializes in tree appraisals can make the difference in the outcome of a claim. Our results speak for themselves. Time and time again our tree specialist has provided results that have saved over a million dollars in damages as well as providing support resulting in awards over a million dollars. We provide tree appraisals as result of tree removals or damage by unwanted trimming due to trespass, construction damage, as well as wildfires, windstorms, inverse condemnation, and eminent domain cases or claims. Our team of certified arborists has worked for state, county, cities, college campuses, botanical gardens, residences, and commercial properties throughout northern and southern California.

We apply a variety of methods to arrive at a value for trees. We select the most appropriate method (trunk formula, cost to repair, or replacement) based on the species, site, pre-causality condition, placement, and loss. Regardless of the time frame of the tree loss, our team is able to assess trees even after they have been removed for several years. We are licensed landscape contractors with years of landscape construction and design experience. As result, we can also provide irrigation, landscape, and hardscape estimates.

Our consulting arborist, Mr. Green, has been performing tree appraisals since 1986 and has served as an expert witness, technical consultant, and forensic investigator. He has testified at bench and jury trials, over 65 depositions, and over 75 mediations and arbitrations. Our clients are a mix of defense and plaintiff cases and claims.