Hey Michael, don't know if you remember us, but relative to the avocado tree in our backyard in Long Beach, we took your advice. The tree is coming back with bright green new leaves and it seems to be doing 100% better than it was!
Peggy and Dennis
"Simply put, Ruben Green is a consummate professional.  As our Consulting Arborist, he has been smart, thoughtful, reliable, and a pleasure to work with in every respect. He's earned not only my trust and appreciation, but also my highest recommendation."
Executive Producer
“We won!”
Chad M. Mandell
Attorney at Law
"I have used Evergreen Arborist on many occasions and he is one of the best arborists in Los Angeles when it comes to trees. He is very knowledgeable and provides quality reports. I refer him to many of our tree pruning clients. Thanks Ruben for all the great work and for all your help."  
Juan B.
"Mr. Green and his team are extremely professional and knowledgeable. He is one of only a handful of Consulting Arborists in the country that is willing to take on tough cases relating to tree liabilities. His industry experience shows in the quality of his work. I highly recommend Evergreen Consulting Arborists!"
Autumn R.
"This may be the most enthusiastic review about an arborist that you'll ever read. I realize that most people won't ever need an arborist, but if you do, there's only one person to call. Mr. Green entered my life in a moment of crisis. After a "streamlined" review process (two months), the City Planning Department was about to sign-off on my home renovation permit. The final sign-off was due on this particular Wednesday and I was excited to head down to the planning department to pick up the final permit. This plan went out the window when at the last minute I received word that the City's Urban Forestry office was concerned about an oak tree in my yard and would require an arborist report and recommendations to protect the tree. I frantically searched arborists in the area. (more…)
Katie H.
"I applaud the tree protection report (TPR) generated for the project (well done!)."
"Mr. Ruben Green has helped me tremendously regarding an issue with the neighbor's tree. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you Mr. Green. I highly recommend Evergreen Arborist Consultants."
“I highly recommend Ruben Green as a Consulting Arborist. He gets the job done as promised, exceeding expectations.”
J.T.S Tree Service, Inc.
“Mr. Green is exceptionally intelligent, practical, and returns results every time.”
D. Madwed