California is home to some vibrant and diverse tree communities. The species here run the gamut, from the impressive redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), to sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum), to the beautiful palms that speak to the climate and culture. Beyond the aesthetic value they provide, California’s trees also have more practical purposes as well. Trees serve to reduce erosion; they also capture storm water runoff, not to mention the trees in California help to moderate the temperature.

Trees are without question an asset; however, there can also be challenges associated. For example, many a neighbor dispute has arisen over trees and the way in which they obstruct views. In a state with some of the best scenery available, view obstruction is often a serious issue. This is where a skilled arborist comes into play. For those homeowners who require help restoring their view, or those who need help defending their trees, we can assist in the process. With over thirty years industry experience, we offer expert testimony, tree management services, and tree appraisals. If you are coping with view obstruction issues, we would love the chance to consult with you and work with you to address the issue at hand. 

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