Turkey Tail Fungus: Everything You Need to Know

In many ways, fungi represent some of the most important and omnipresent threats to trees. Many fungi subsist almost entirely on the tissues of trees, and thanks to their reproductive strategy, their spores can be found nearly everywhere. And unfortunately, scientists estimate that there are millions of fungal species in the world. Below, we’ll explain…


Malibu Trees

State Parks workers, working to replace rocks that had fallen off the revetments in response to wintertime erosion of the sea wall, removed a coral tree growing within the sea wall. The sea wall needed emergency repairs to preserve the historic Adamson House at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Suzanne Goode, senior staff scientist with…


Tree Damage in Malibu

Approximately 1,800 Southern California Edison customers in Malibu were without power after a Sycamore tree along Ramirez Canyon Road fell onto a power line. Southern California Edison spokesman Gil Alexander said of the outage, “The tree fell on the power line, knocking power out.” The traffic lights at Pacific Coast Highway and Paradise Coast Road…