What Are Some of the Best Drought-Tolerant Trees for California?

Prolonged droughts are commonplace in Southern California, so it is important to select trees that can survive with relatively little water for your next tree installation project. Fortunately for residents of the sunniest part of the Sunshine State, there are a number of native and exotic selections that fit this bill. The next time you […]

What Are Some Fast-Growing Trees for California Properties?

Humans tend to be an impatient bunch, so it isn’t surprising that many people are interested in selecting fast-growing trees for their next installation project. However, there are also a variety of real-world reasons to seek trees that grow and mature quickly. For example, trees can help to prevent erosion, provide energy-saving shade and screen […]

Insect and Disease Diagnosis in Southern California

Like humans and other animals, trees are susceptible to a variety of pests and pathogens. Bacteria and fungi will feed on their tissues, while some viruses will take over a tree’s very cells for their own purposes. And while they aren’t bothered by mosquitoes and similar pests, trees are regularly attacked by aphids, caterpillars and […]

What Is an Arborist?

In common parlance, the term arborist is often used to describe any tree-care professional. However, the term should usually be reserved for those tree-care professionals who’ve attained a certificate from one of the major tree-care associations, such as the International Society of Arboriculture. Tree-Care Workers Vs. Arborists There is a significant difference between someone who […]

When Should You Prune Trees?

The best time to prune or trim trees is when they are dormant. This will help prevent the loss of water and also reduce the chances that fungi will colonize the wounds created. Dormancy typically occurs during the winter, but some trees also become dormant during hot, dry periods. Nevertheless, trees can be pruned at […]

How Much Water Do Trees Need?

Different trees have different water requirements, but as a general rule, most trees need about 10 gallons of water every week or two, for every inch of tree diameter at breast height (about 4.5 feet above the ground). In other words, a walnut tree with a 6-inch-diameter trunk will require about 60 gallons of water […]

How Do You Know If a Tree Will Fall?

Although trees are remarkably resilient organisms, they all die eventually, causing most to fall to the ground. Because of the immense weights some trees reach, this can represent a very significant danger to your home and family. Even if the entire tree does not fall, shed branches can cause serious injuries and property damage. Unfortunately, […]

Five Great Fruit Trees for Southern California Yards

Fruit trees are great additions to almost any yard, as they not only offer the same benefits most other trees do, they also provide you with a bounty of fruit each year. Several fruit trees also exhibit a very attractive growth habit, and a few produce beautiful, showy flowers in the spring or summer. But […]

Bringing Fall Color to California: Enjoy the Changing of the Seasons

Most of the tree species that exhibit bold fall colors are native to the eastern portions of the US, with the best examples occurring in the northeast. In fact, people travel from miles around each year to check out the fall color in places like Vermont and New Hampshire. Relatively few of the trees native […]

Picking Trees for Your Property: Going Beyond Hardiness Zones

It is always exciting to pick out new trees for your property, but there’s more to proper species selection than many people commonly suppose. For example, many homeowners and property managers rely solely on the USDA Hardiness Zone of their area to filter their possible choices. But while your local hardiness zone is an important […]