tree with holes

Arborists Help by Identifying Insect Problems in Tree Growth

Arborists like the professionals at Evergreen Arborist Consultants are called on every day to make appraisals and to offer expert testimony in various cases.  However, sometimes professional arborists need a bit more knowledge than what they use in their regular work.  For example, an arborist may easily recognize that a tree has insect invasion issues but may not be completely familiar with a particular insect species.  When something like this happens, it is important for a professional arborist to know where to go for information.

Getting “Bugged” By Insect Invasions

Arborists see all types of infestations and some become very common and easily-recognized.  In fact, in most cases, a professional arborist can tell you everything you need to know about an insect infestation in a tree, the insect’s life cycle and a prognosis for either cleaning out the infestation or controlling future incursions.

However, there are times when a new insect comes along and the professional arborist is a bit stumped.  For example, a new invasion of insects may leave marks on trees that are not instantly recognizable or the larval stage may present a different appearance from what an arborist is used to.

In these cases, it is important for an arborist to know about insect life cycles in general in order to make educated guesses about the cause of some problems.  The arborist must also be able to understand how to find more information on the life cycle and habits of particular types of insects in order to quickly find data on this new infestation.

Where Arborists Go For Answers

Professional arborists use a wide variety of resources when looking at insect infestations.  For example, an arborist may discuss new invasive species with a local professional from a university or an extension service.  The arborist may also do a bit of reading and studying through various databases to which he or she has access.  Finally, the professional arborist keeps abreast of new developments by subscribing to various professional journals and publications.

Evergreen Arborist Consultants makes it a point to have instant access to professionals, publications and information that help us find information quickly.  Evergreen Arborist Consultants can provide quality professional testimony as an expert witness about the effects of insect infestation on trees or on any other arboriculture topic a client needs.  With the help of Evergreen Arborist Consultants, professional knowledge and skill is never more than a phone call away.