Sycamores Downed in Malibu

Old tree

An old tree

California State Parks, working on the Malibu Lagoon overhaul project to replace non-native vegetation with native vegetation, uprooted seven 30-year-old sycamores during bulldozing. The bulldozer was removing vegetation through a process called “grubbing” and downed the trees. Suzanne Goode, senior environmental scientist for State Parks, said the sycamores would be reused within the project. “About three of them are going to be put in the bottom of the lagoon for fish habitat and to create a little roosting area for birds. A couple of them are going to be turned into benches for the park for the amphitheater.”

Some Malibu residents actively oppose the overhaul project, protesting the impact the bulldozing has on animals, fish, and other wildlife in the lagoon.

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Santa Ana Winds Down Trees

Last December, Santa Ana winds in Southern California caused havoc and significant power outages. Some of the wind gusts were approximately 100 mph, while other gusts were recorded at 56-65 mph. Many homes, especially in the hard-hit Pasadena area, were without power as the winds knocked down trees – destroying buildings and downing power lines. “We probably have over 100 trees that are down and arcing wires and transformers that have blown,” said Pasadena police Lt. Jari Faulkner. Some neighborhoods were completely without power and residents were advised to limit travel and stay inside to remain safe from the storm and the debris.

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Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund Created to Replace Lost Trees

Tree Appraisal

Tree Appraisal

Pasadena Beautiful and the Pasadena Community Foundation have joined forces by starting the Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund to help raise money to replace the 1,100 trees lost during the massive windstorm of 2011. With these funds, the two groups intend to work with the city to prioritize replacement needs. Not only will funds be used to replace lost trees, but 70 damaged park trees will also be assessed with these funds.

With the replacement of downed trees, the city will be looking more closely at the best type of trees for certain situations, like street trees. “Personally, I think it’s an opportunity for the city to analyze which are vulnerable sites through street trees damaged or lost,” said Foundation board member Sid Tyler. “It’s important they don’t replant the wrong trees. And Number 2, I think it’s also a chance for reevaluation in terms of the pruning cycle. Some of these trees get large, and if they’re not regularly pruned, they’re a wind baffle.”

The community is also weighing in on what trees they think should be chosen as replacements.

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Overruling of Destroyed Trees Compensation

A recent Fourth District Court of Appeal in Florida has overturned a ruling that the state is constitutionally required to pay full compensation for trees taken by the state during the state’s canker eradication program. The appellate court has stated that eminent domain laws do not cover the taking of trees. The homeowners of the destroyed trees are Palm Beach County residents – who feel that they are owed $19.2 million for the healthy citrus trees the state destroyed. The ruling now means that the tree owners must go before the Legislature to start the claims process, instead of making a claim directly against the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Forty thousand Palm Beach County homeowners were affected in the removal and destruction of the citrus trees, with 66,493 uninfected trees taken. The original award for the taking was given by a jury, who determined that the homeowners were owed more that the $100 Walmart gift cards offered for the first tree and $55 for each additional tree. The average award was an averaged of $288 per tree, or $19.2 million. With this reversal in ruling, the homeowners may take the case to the Florida Supreme Court.

The canker eradication program was controversial – not only were trees destroyed that had the cankers, but also trees within a 1,900 feet radius of any infected tree were destroyed. The eradication program ended in January 2006, with a cost of $1.6 billion, when the federal government declared the disease endemic to Florida. At that point, more than 16.5 million infected and healthy trees in commercial and residential properties were removed and destroyed.