Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund Created to Replace Lost Trees

Tree Appraisal

Tree Appraisal

Pasadena Beautiful and the Pasadena Community Foundation have joined forces by starting the Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund to help raise money to replace the 1,100 trees lost during the massive windstorm of 2011. With these funds, the two groups intend to work with the city to prioritize replacement needs. Not only will funds be used to replace lost trees, but 70 damaged park trees will also be assessed with these funds.

With the replacement of downed trees, the city will be looking more closely at the best type of trees for certain situations, like street trees. “Personally, I think it’s an opportunity for the city to analyze which are vulnerable sites through street trees damaged or lost,” said Foundation board member Sid Tyler. “It’s important they don’t replant the wrong trees. And Number 2, I think it’s also a chance for reevaluation in terms of the pruning cycle. Some of these trees get large, and if they’re not regularly pruned, they’re a wind baffle.”

The community is also weighing in on what trees they think should be chosen as replacements.

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