Drought Causes Tree Death and Limbs to Fall

Tyler State Park in East Texas has seen an increase in trees dying, due to drought in the region. Although more trees are dying, the state park says that it has been difficult keeping up with the necessary tree maintenance and removal because the state legislature took away some of their funding this year. An estimated 250 dying trees have been cut down in the park from about April through June to keep campers safe.

One tree that was not cut in time dropped a large limb onto an RV in the park. Neal Williams, his wife, and two grandsons were asleep in the RV at the time the branch fell. Although they were uninjured, the RV suffered minor damage. Williams and park officials were surprised that the limb fell in calm weather from what appeared to be a healthy tree.

Tyler State Park Superintendent, Bill Smart, says, “Since most of the trees die in winter, we don’t know until spring when the trees were supposed to come back and out, and they weren’t coming back out.” Smart warns that although they are doing the best they can, they need people to be aware of the condition of the trees and of the possibility of limbs falling.