Sycamores Downed in Malibu

Old tree

An old tree

California State Parks, working on the Malibu Lagoon overhaul project to replace non-native vegetation with native vegetation, uprooted seven 30-year-old sycamores during bulldozing. The bulldozer was removing vegetation through a process called “grubbing” and downed the trees. Suzanne Goode, senior environmental scientist for State Parks, said the sycamores would be reused within the project. “About three of them are going to be put in the bottom of the lagoon for fish habitat and to create a little roosting area for birds. A couple of them are going to be turned into benches for the park for the amphitheater.”

Some Malibu residents actively oppose the overhaul project, protesting the impact the bulldozing has on animals, fish, and other wildlife in the lagoon.

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Saving 350-Year-Old Bur Oak Tree

John Sam Williamson from Missouri has been working to save a 350-year-old bur oak, probably the largest of its kind, by hauling 1,600 gallons of water to the tree each week. Missouri has had one of its hottest summers on record, with 99.29 percent of the state in extreme drought or worse. Williamson gets his water from the Missouri River and he told the Columbia Daily Tribune that he plans on watering the tree weekly for the next month or so. He hopes his efforts will keep the drought from killing the tree.

Even with his efforts, Williamson said that the bur oak has been showing signs of stress. “The leaves are beginning to curl up a little bit, and they have turned kind of brown. I think it has aborted a lot of the acorns. And the leaves turn upside down to keep from losing moisture,” he said.

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Santa Ana Winds Down Trees

Last December, Santa Ana winds in Southern California caused havoc and significant power outages. Some of the wind gusts were approximately 100 mph, while other gusts were recorded at 56-65 mph. Many homes, especially in the hard-hit Pasadena area, were without power as the winds knocked down trees – destroying buildings and downing power lines. “We probably have over 100 trees that are down and arcing wires and transformers that have blown,” said Pasadena police Lt. Jari Faulkner. Some neighborhoods were completely without power and residents were advised to limit travel and stay inside to remain safe from the storm and the debris.

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Wildfire Damage

damaged trees

damaged trees

Next year two cousins who accidently started Arizona’s largest wildfire, the Wallow Fire, will start paying restitution with monthly payments. Caleb and David Malboeuf didn’t clear the brush from around their campfire and then left it unattended in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. The brush caught fire and subsequently burned 840 square miles in Arizona and New Mexico.

The payment the cousins will make are for $3.7 million in restitution, with uninsured people who lost property or suffered property damage to receive the first payments. People who had out-of-pocket expenses will be next to receive payments, and lastly, insurance companies – owed nearly $3.4 million. The cousins will probably not pay off their debt in their lifetimes. The blaze destroyed 32 homes, 4 rental cabins, and nearly 10,000 people were forced to evacuate at one point. “That’s a lifetime payment, if you’re just a working man, of $500 and you’re not buying a house, you’re not paying a credit card. I can’t imagine,” said Nutrioso’s postmaster, Stuart Moring,

The Malboeuf’s attorneys suggested the payments during a restitution hearing. Attorney David Derickson said the cousins would be available to talk about their experiences camping, and their missteps, and hopes the U. S. Forest Service and schools will have a use for them.

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Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund Created to Replace Lost Trees

Tree Appraisal

Tree Appraisal

Pasadena Beautiful and the Pasadena Community Foundation have joined forces by starting the Pasadena Windstorm Tree Fund to help raise money to replace the 1,100 trees lost during the massive windstorm of 2011. With these funds, the two groups intend to work with the city to prioritize replacement needs. Not only will funds be used to replace lost trees, but 70 damaged park trees will also be assessed with these funds.

With the replacement of downed trees, the city will be looking more closely at the best type of trees for certain situations, like street trees. “Personally, I think it’s an opportunity for the city to analyze which are vulnerable sites through street trees damaged or lost,” said Foundation board member Sid Tyler. “It’s important they don’t replant the wrong trees. And Number 2, I think it’s also a chance for reevaluation in terms of the pruning cycle. Some of these trees get large, and if they’re not regularly pruned, they’re a wind baffle.”

The community is also weighing in on what trees they think should be chosen as replacements.

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Pasadena Beetle Infested Tree



The City of Pasadena decided to take down a massive tree on North Hill Avenue after it was confirmed that the tree was dying due to a beetle infestation. The tree had withstood the windstorm in the area that occurred a year ago and felled many trees in the city, but the tree recently started to look unhealthy. Ed Carney, who lives on North Hill Avenue, said he had someone stop by the house a couple months before the tree was to be taken down, and mentioned the unhealthy tree. Carney had already notified an arborist when he became concerned for the tree, and the arborist inspected the tree several times and identified the beetle infestation. An independent specialist confirmed the results.

The tree was one of the largest trees in the city and was possibly hundreds of years old. The city said it needed to remove the tree due to safety concerns. The removal required a crane and the tree cut down from the top first. During removal, traffic was redirected around the area.

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