Trees Cut and Sidewalks Repaired in Napa

Napa California has been working on repairing sidewalks in a two-block area that tree roots have uplifted. At an uplifted sidewalk on Montgomery Street, a pedestrian had tripped, so city crews reviewed the sidewalks and trees in the area. What they found was that there were many instances of uplifted sidewalks due to tree roots. Speaking of the spot of the tripping incident, Parks Superintendent Dave Perazzo said, “There was significant sidewalk lift at this location due to tree roots. Access to the home’s driveway was impacted as well as drainage from their property.”

Once it was confirmed that trees were the cause of the sidewalk deterioration, the trees in the area were cut down. Crews first examined the roots and trees to see if shaving or grinding roots would be possible to save the trees. Unfortunately, some of the trees were found to be decayed or hollow, and the branch attachments would probably become public safety hazards, as the trees grew larger. It was also found that 25% of the roots would have to be removed for most of the trees in order to complete the sidewalk repair – and this would cause a problem in tree stability.

Once the sidewalks are repaired, replacement trees, which neighbors were able to have a choice in, will be planted.