Woman Injured From Tree

Ana Sofia Krogh-Doyle of Kahala, Hawaii, sued the City of Honolulu and its landscape contractor after a coconut tree fell on her while she was at Waikiki Beach. Krogh-Doyle makes the claim that the city was negligent by failing to maintain the tree. An expert estimates that the tree is 76 years old and should have been properly inspected and then removed because of its poor condition.

The tree fell on a public restroom, which caused the top 20-foot portion of the tree to snap off, roll off the restroom roof, and land on top of Krogh-Doyle. Krogh-Doyle suffered fractures to her ribs, face, and spine, and also suffered a head injury. She was a competitive surfer and her lawyer stated that, “had the 44-year-old not been in such good physical shape at the time of the incident, she would have been in a care home.” Her injuries have also prevented her from returning to work.

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