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Asian Longhorn Beetle Eradication

Clermont County, Ohio discovered they had an Asian longhorn beetle infestation last summer. The beetle tunnels into trees in the larval stage and kills by cutting off the water and nutrient supply to the trees. The beetles are especially attracted to maple trees, but also attack 12 other types of trees, including willows, elms, and […]

Armillaria Root Rot

Armillaria root rot, Armillaria mellea, is often correlated with oaks and other hardwoods throughout California. The disease, which is a root fungus, attacks trees that are often found in urban landscapes as a result of excessive moisture in the soil. This is typically caused by overwatering in the landscape induced by excess irrigation and not […]

$8.3 Million Award

In December, a jury awarded $8.3 million in damages to two boys who were injured when a car crashed into their dirt bike in an accident occurring March 30, 2005. The jury found the boys negligent in the crash, as well as the driver of the car and the city’s contractor, but said that 82 […]